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An Examination of Safe Haven Deserts
Safe Havens Desert Research (July 2022)
The Animal Welfare Institute compiled information on the nationwide distribution of safe havens in order to more clearly identify areas of the country where new safe havens are most urgently needed. For every county in every state, we tallied the number of known safe havens and used that number to calculate the number of safe havens per capita for that county. The results are displayed in state-by-state county tables that can be organized alphabetically or in numerical order of safe havens per capita.

Identifying the Needs of DV Shelters that Provide Services to Survivors with Pets
Safe Havens Report (August 2021)
The Animal Welfare Institute conducted a survey that asked the community of groups that provide safe havens for pets of domestic violence survivors to describe their needs and provide general feedback. With that information, AWI hopes to facilitate communication between safe havens for pets programs in order to strengthen individual programs and the community of safe havens for pets.


Yes. Forty states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico have laws to ensure that victims of domestic violence can include their pets in restraining orders. Regardless of whether a state has a specific pet protection order provision, most state temporary restraining orders (TROs) contain language that gives courts discretion to permit additional orders. A court can order pets to be included in a TRO just as it can provide for the temporary care of children or possession of property. A TRO can also authorize law enforcement to assist with the removal of a pet from a home. Therefore, even if a state does not have a pet protection order statute, a petitioner can include incidents of pet abuse or threatened abuse in their complaint or petition and request that the court include pets in the property or “other relief” section of the protection order. Learn more about including pets in protection orders.


The following resources offer guidance to help human services and animal welfare professionals understand the link between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence, recognize interconnected signs of abuse, and take action to protect both people and animals.

Our team members are well versed in the link between animal maltreatment and human violence. We welcome the opportunity to provide tools and training for other organizations. To request our services, please complete this Training Request Form.



Through social media, Safe Havens for Pets is spotlighting noteworthy safe havens around the country. Here are a few of our spotlighted Safe Havens:

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