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How can my community start a safe haven for pets?

The manner in which safe havens for pets develop depends on the capacity and best thinking of the local community. For a comprehensive review of how to start a safe haven for pets, please consult the following:

Another useful resource to consider for your community is BestyBnB. The BestyBnB web-based platform enables domestic violence agencies to search and secure long and short-term pet boarding options for survivors’ pets during their time of crisis. In addition to providing a platform for domestic violence agencies, BestyBnB can be used by animal welfare organizations, social service organizations, and companion animal caregivers to create a better community for pets and people. Learn more at

How can I get involved as an individual?

Use our Safe Havens for Pets database to search for safe havens in your community and find ways to support your local safe haven through donation or by volunteering your time. Contact your local safe haven and inquire if there are any volunteering or fundraising opportunities to assist survivors and pets. You may also consider becoming a caregiver with BestyBnB. Visit their website for details.

Submit a Safe Haven

Please join our efforts to provide an accurate Safe Havens for Pets directory. If you are aware of a safe haven for pets program that should be included, or if you spot an error in any of the listings, please contact AWI at and provide as much information as possible. Your help is integral in maintaining the directory. You can also reach us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!